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Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing

The International  Women & Minorities Racing Museum
 Feathering The DeskTop Cafe

J. Allen Enterprises, Inc. is preparing to open The International Women & Minorities Racing Museum & Desktop Cafe in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. 

The International Women & Minorities Racing Museum

The Racing Museum will include various racing artifacts, antique model cars and racing memorabilia depicting the involvement of minorities and women in Auto Racing. The Museum will also have the history of  Slot Car Racing and Radio Control Racing in the United States from its humble beginnings in the 1950's to the present, as well as racing-related artwork. It will also include biographies of the racers, their photographs, photographs of the tracks where they performed their races and photographs and models of their racing cars. 

The Museum will also feature a section devoted exclusively to minority women in racing, which will include their biographies and photographs, photographs of their cars, exhibits, video, available and accessible websites, and information sessions. 

At some point, The Museum will be introducing short films on both men and women minority racers, slot car racing in general, and the history of slot car racing. In addition, The Museum will provide video footage highlights of Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing races, corporate events, educational opportunities and its calendar of upcoming events in order to advertise Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing products and services, as well as host special guest speakers in its Desktop Cafe, who are involved in slot car racing and racing events. We will also provide various racing-related activities for young children.  

The Desktop Cafe 

The Desktop Cafe will be a multi-faceted eating and entertainment emporium featuring WIFI internet services. Its menu will feature light, healthy fare, including soups, salads, sandwiches and small entrees, all of which are pre-prepared, so that there will be no need for actual cooking: hot foods will be heated via microwave oven, and deli meats for sandwiches will be pre-sliced so that there will be no need for a slicing machine both ideas minimizing the possibility of cooking injuries to kitchen staff. Beverages will include natural fruit juices, herbal teas, exotic coffees and soft drinks.

Being primarily an internet cafe, hardware will include state-of-the-art computers, scanners, printers, copiers and fax machines. In addition to WIFI, there will also be outlets for patrons to plug in their cell phone chargers and/or their notebooks and laptops, if necessary. The entertainment will include local jazz musicians and vocalists in the evenings during the week and on Saturdays, with a jazz brunch on Sunday afternoons. The Desktop Cafe will also feature racing-related artwork for sale by local area artists. The Desktop Cafe will employ its manager / menu planner; at least two (2) waitresses and one to two (1 to 2) kitchen staff members, depending on the actual size of the cafe eating and kitchen areas, and one to two (1 to 2) IT persons to assist patrons with internet issues and equipment problem

Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing (A&AMSR)

Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing is another subsidiary of J. Allen Enterprises, Inc. that builds and designs digital slot car racing tracks on a small-to-grand scale for exhibitions, various types of events and private entertainment.

The concept of A&AMSR is to showcase and make the general public aware of the many African-Americans, male and female, who raced, built and maintained racing cars nationwide and abroad for a living, including those who were involved in slot car racing from its humble beginnings in the 1950's to the present.

With the emphasis on slot car racing in general, model slot car racing has become an increasingly popular indoor sport and began, for many, with the first electric-model racing cars in England before and shortly after World War II, becoming even more popular in the late 1950's. The sport migrated to the United States in the early 1960's and has been a popular home sport ever since, with slot car racing organizations being formed all over the country, including Puerto Rico, and world-wide. It has become more than just a hobby to some; in fact, it was at one time one of the most popular sports in the world, with South Africa hosting the South African Formula One Championship races from 1960 to 1975.

It is our goal to pay homage to the African-Americans and Women Auto Race Car drivers, including Wendell Oliver Scott and Willy T. Ribbs, two very famous drivers from the 1940s; NASCAR drivers Bill Lester, Leilani Munter and David Roberts, and Leonard W. Miller, an African-American driver who raced in the 1972 Indianapolis 500, and is a member of the Black Athletes Hall of Fame. He is also the father of Leonard T. Miller, who has written various books on the subject of African-Americans in racing in this country. Also sharing the spotlight are other drivers, mechanics, builders, pit crews, and so many other “behind-the scenes African-American and minority personnel who are the unsung heroes of this very exciting, interesting and specialized sport.

We have tailored our indoor slot car racing to be an entertaining, unique and colorful sport perfect for parties, car clubs, sales conventions, trade shows, fund-raisers, corporate events and small-to-grand scale racing events. Racing tracks are specially designed and crafted for all event spaces -- indoors and out, rain or shine -- and include a wide variety of realistic, high-performance model cars that are run by experienced A&AMSR racing directors. The crowds are entertained with racing competitions and door prizes chosen by the customer to suit the theme, style and size of their event.

Young children and teens are a key focus of our events and opportunities. Specialized training in various areas is available for children of all ages, from 4 to 104! This includes NASCAR and NHRA racing, pit crew participation, and the safe operation of our cars, tracks and racing accessories. We are fully insured and ensure the safety of all of our users when operating our equipment, cars and accessories.

The slot car racing we provide for the events is just as exciting and electrifying as if the guests of these events were actually at the track cheering on the racers! For adult participants, there are actual trophies for the winners of the racing competitions that can be engraved to their specifications. 

Schools will also have the opportunity to use A&AMSR for fund-raising purposes to help them raise money for not only their student sports programs, but also for their general curriculum and teaching needs. This will be accomplished by the schools sponsoring racing events and having their students sell Slot Car Racing Cards, with the schools keeping 60% of the profits from card sales. What are Slot Car Racing Cards? Our Business Cards with all the information on the back of the cards.

Churches, clubs, community organizations, recreation centers and similar civic organizations can get in on the action too! There is no limit to who can utilize our fund-raising services and opportunities.

A&AMSR also has an online store to showcase and sell its services and products, which include racing theme party supplies, favors, racing flags, model cars, etc. 

In keeping with new and innovative advertising techniques and marketing tools, A&AMSR will also be utilizing local young women models, hired as paid employees, to be trophy girls to showcase products and services, greet the public at its events and present winning trophies to the racing participants. These women will be thoroughly screened, interviewed, background-checked for criminal activity, and drug-tested, all for insurance purposes during the hiring process, and to be sure that our customers and their children are safe at all times.

For more information on how you can help. Please email me at jallenenterprises@verizon.net

Like to Donate now, see our donation link below.

Web: www.allenallenmotorspeedwayracing.org
Online store: www.allenallenmotorspeedwaytacing.ocm

Thank You,
 Joel E. Allen III, President
Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing

Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing, LLC.
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The International Women & Minorities Racing Museum

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