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The AAMSWR - RC Boat Racing rules will be based off of both NAMBA and IMPBA organization rules. Clubs participating in the series will be expected to follow all safety rules of the organization they belong too. Clubs will also be expected to follow the racing rules of the organization they belong to with the exception of the following:

1. Minimum of 6 boats to make a class

2. Races will be run under SHOOTOUT FORMAT where only the top six point's earned will advance to the 5th round of racing. The fifth round will only be one heat of the top six racers in points. Points that have been accumulated in the previous four rounds of the top 6 racers will be carried into the 5th round. The racer with the most points after the 5th round will be declared the winner.

3. Buoy cuts will be accessed penalties in this order:
a. 1st and 2nd cut will be a 50 points deduction each from your score (maximum points that can be deducted from score will be 100)
b. 3rd and further cuts will each result in a lap penalty. You will be allowed to rub a buoy with no penalty.
c. If you displace a buoy than a cut will be accessed.
d. If you cut two buoys consecutive in one turn then you will only be accessed one penalty.
e. If you cut three buoys in one turn you will be accessed a lap penalty.
f. If you cut a buoy and gain a position over another boat, you will be accessed a lap penalty.

4. You may only half mill once you pass the entrance buoy on the front straight. Cutting the course from the launch dock without making a complete lap will be accessed a 50 point penalty.

5. You may half mill until there is 5 seconds left on the clock.
a. If you cut the course with less than 5 seconds a 50 points penalty will be accessed.
b. If you cut the course after the clock has hit 0 then a lap penalty will be accessed.

6. Racers will not be asked for approval by the Starter to go 30 seconds on the clock. Once all boats are in the water and running the starter will than notify racers they are going to 30 seconds.

7. A Boat that fails to complete the heat due to the actions of another boat, that results in the disqualification of the offending boat, will receive 4th place points (169 points)

8. Only three out of the five races in the series will count towards your total points. Racers that attend more than 3 races in the series can choose what races they wish to drop

Single Event/Series Points for round 1-4
1st Place - 400
2nd Place - 300
3rd Place - 225
4th Place -169
5th Place - 127
6th Place - 96
7th Place - 72
8th Place - 54
9th Place - 40

Points for Shootout Round 5:
1st Place - 400 single event points / 6 bonus points towards Series total
2nd Place - 300 single event points / 5 bonus points towards Series total
3rd Place - 225 single event points / 4 bonus points toward Series total
4th Place - 169 single event points / 3 bonus points toward Series total
5th Place - 127 single event points / 2 bonus point toward Series total
6th Place - 96 single event points / 1 bonus points toward Series total
Maximum Series points that can be scored at any one event is 1606 (5) 1st Place Finishes

As this is a new series there may be adjustments or additions to these rule as they become necessary. It will be the racers responsibility to check back often and know the rules. 

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