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Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing
Slot Car & RC Racing at its Best!
Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing 
Educational Services
Teaching youth the fundamental in Slot Car & 
Radio Control Racing and Auto Racing.

Ms.Selena Allen in class at Urban Youth Racing School in Philadelphia 10/6/2012.
702 Preston Ave, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010  (610) 329-1004 / Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Image the above - 1929​ Colored Speedway Assoc. Drivers, Owners & Mechanics 
Slot Car & Radio Control Racing Academy Courses
This program is designed for students ranging from eight to eighteen years of age. The course will help lay a strong foundation for the students in regard to auto racing. They will begin on a small scale, but the knowledge obtained through working with the RC Cars and Slot Cars will be applicable to larger vehicles. 

As students progress through the program, the material being taught will become more and more involved. We will cover topics such as building and painting model cars, understanding racing techniques, repairing vehicles, the role of mathematics in auto racing, and so much more. 
Test your knowledge:

In 1909 In Philadelphia what happen?

In 1975 Soap Box Derby what happen?

In 1975 and 1977 NHRA What happen?

In 2007 Indy 500 what happen?

NHRA Father and daughter who are they?

Nicole Lyons NASCAR or NHRA?

Dr Pepper Sponsor who in 2001?

In 2013 who was pick by A.J. Foyt to drive in Indy?

Richard Pryor played who in what film?

Who is it in the picture above. We will give you  this one, My daughter Ms. Selena Allen Wow!!!


Slot Car Racing​


$20.00 Per Student Per Day - each week. (Weekend Only)

Course time 2 hours
1 - 4 weeks, 5 days

One hour class time in doors

One hour Slot Car Track Racing time

Radio Control


$20.00 Pre Student. Per Day - each week. (Weekend Only)

Course time 2 hours
1 - 4 weeks , 5 days

​            One hour RC track time indoors. 

        One hour RC Track time outside.                (Weather Permitting)
The Minority & Women Racing Museum
Minority Racing Museum Colorful World in Auto Racing will contain books, photos, web-sites, videos, speakers and other memorabilia highlighting the role of Minorities and Women in auto racing. 

To schedule for your event or school

e-mail Joel E. Allen III 

The list below is just some of many
 thousands of men and women in 
auto racing in the United States

Bill Lester

Wendel Scott

Leonard T. Miller

​Willy T. Ribbs

Nicole Lyon's

Tia Norfleet

Kay Petre

Leilani Munter

Lewis Hamilton

Chase Austin

Violette Morris

James Stewart

Charlie Wiggins

Juan Pablo Montoya

Kenneth W. Wright

Joie Ray

​Colored Speedway Assoc. Drivers, Owners & Mechanics
What on the internet:










Minority Racing Museum Pricing

Events: $10.00 per person.

Slot Car Racing Track $1.00 per lap $10.00 per lap min. First 5 lap free.

Total laps 15
3-4 cars on a two lane track

Schools: $5.00 per students.

Slot Car Racing Track $1.00 per lap $10.00 per lap min. First 5 lap free. Total laps 15

3-4 cars on a two lane track

Schools and Events 
Monday - Friday 2-4 hours

Saturday and Sunday 

 2 hours min.  Up to 5 hours.

If you have any information that we can used for the Museum, please let us know. 

 Thank You.

​We appreciate your donation to 
Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing School for Slot Car and Radio Control Racing. 
Which program are you applying for? Slot Car or RC

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Do you have any favorite racecar drivers?Yes No
If so, whom?

How did you hear about Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing School? (required)

Do you have Internet Access?Yes No  

New students are recruited to the A.A.M.S.R through two primary methods: word-of-mouth school tour assembly talks conducted at various elementary, middle and high schools and through the media. In addition, A.A.M.S.R participates in the school districts’ annual high school fair which attracts seventh and eighth grade students engaged in the selection and registration process for high school. A.A.M.S.R staff provide racing cars and information about the school’s programs and conduct large-scale and one-on-one talks with prospective students. With only 100 spots available per year the school has a wait list for enrollment.

If you would like to apply for one of our programs, please submit your information:


Please visit our Online Store
$50. / $100. / $500. $1,000.             Or whatever amount you like.
by Chris Martin
February is black history month and we thought it appropriate that DRO address the subject of Afro-American drag racers. There have been many outstanding black drag racers over the past half century, and there is a basis for truthfully saying "too numerous to mention," but we’ll try to squeeze in as many as memory allows.
The 761st Tank Battalion
The 761st Tank Battalion was activated on April 1, 1942, at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, and deployed to Europe, landing at Omaha Beach in France on October 10, 1944.
Michael Phillips

As the first African-American to win an NHRA Professional event, at the 1959 Houston race.

National Dragster, issue 1, Volume 58
January 13, 2017
Headquartered in Concord, N.C., Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, brings together championship caliber executives, competition staff and equipment in a unique academy-style environment. Rev Racing currently operates four NASCAR K&N Pro Series East teams, under the direction of Jefferson Hodges, and two NASCAR Whelen All-American Series teams. In addition, Rev Racing manages a youth racing initiative that allows kids ages 8-14 to compete in the INEX Legend cars.

 The team also trains aspiring female and minority pit crew athletes through the Drive for Diversity Crew Member Development program.
Phone 484-620-6287 or 610-527-1251