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702 Preston Ave, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010 / (610) 20-7247 /  Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 5:30 
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Club Membership
Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing Club 

$15.00 monthly fee. (Slot Cars)
$20.00 monthly fee ( Derby Cars)
$25.00 monthly fee ( RC Cars)

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Slot Car & RC Racing Membership Club
Slot Car & RC Racing at it's Best!
Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing, LLC.
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1. Have fun!
2. Racing RC, Derby and  HO, /32nd ,1/24 scale slot cars of all makes - with an admitted strong bias towards cars that you can drive round a corner.
3. Don't let it get too serious.
5. Did we mention having fun?

Mission (1) Slot Cars

Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing 1/32 ,1/24 and HO scale slot-cars of various makes, primarily in a ready-to-run, box standard, unmodified form. The main reason for racing mostly unmodified cars is to try to maintain close fun racing by having most cars be roughly of compatible capability and minimize the amount of time and cost needed to stay competitive with everyone else racing in the club. We have specifically chosen to avoid the slippery slope of allowing modifications to cars in the areas of motors, magnets, gears, tires. Up until 2006 we also avoided weight but decided to allow it in favor of magnets in one class and to balance the cars better in two other classes. This is simply to try to maintain cars as close in performance to each other as possible, to make the racing as easy to join as possible and to minimize potential arguments over what is or is not legal.

At the end of the day the main goal is to have fun -- not to spend 100 or more hours build a single car! You are able to participate in the club even if you own No cars. In all races and for all classes, loaner cars will be provided for you for the day. You are of course also welcome and encouraged to own and use your own cars, however it is not required.

 At Allen & Allen Motor Speedway Racing (AAMSR), we try to accommodate all RC racing enthusiasts, irrespective of ability. 

We currently race outdoors on a permanant ashpalt track (April to September) and indoors during the winter months (October to March).

Slot Car & RC Racing Membership Club
Phone 484-620-6287 or 610-527-1251